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Why let worldly activities cause you struggle when trying to pray? Do you have to work in a city with no or a few mosques? Are you an adventurer who likes to explore the natural wonders of the earth Allah created? Our digital sport prayer watches with specifications including pre-programmed precisely calculated Automatic Qibla Finder, world’s major cities’ Azan times, Automatic Hijri-Gregorian converter, Automatic 5-times-daily Prayer Alarms with sound and display options in 7 languages help you to find the direction towards Qibla without needing an internet connection or GPS ( unlike mobile phones ) and inform you about exact prayer times no matter where you are. All our watches are water resistant; making ritual ablution ( wudu ) more practical

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Eco Gray Anticlockwise

SKU: UY7321987

MIKAT Eco-Anticlockwise watch well designed with especial wooden and stainless steel material. Its and original TAWAF MOVEMENT watch with Arabic Letters. Integrated with imported wood with IP black plated stainless steel. Its a kind of watch that you wear healthy and environmental friendly and so on ............

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Mikat Watch Video

Mikat Watch Video